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Monoqool is a Danish manufacturer of 3D printed, screwless eyewear with roots in the Scandinavian design tradition. The use of 3D printers allowed the brand to rethink the typical hinge, forgoing the need for screws or soldering. This creates a more stable, durable, ultra-lightweight product focused on functionality, comfort, and style.


While the designs are sleek and simple, their process is quite innovative. Monoqool's 3D printed eyewear uses 85% recycled surgical-grade stainless steel and reuses 98% of the excess raw material powder used for printing, making them both eco-friendly and sustainable. 


Discover how Monoqool crafts their 3D printed eyewear.


Printed in as little as 24 hours, Monoqool has created an innovative manufacturing process using 600 layers of hardened polyamide powder to create a durable, flexible product.


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