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Why choose Studio Optyx?

We've built long-lasting relationships with thousands of retailers world-wide. Discover why they continue to choose Studio Optyx. 



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We offer higher margins than most major brands throughout the industry. Despite our low costs, the quality of our products and service to our partners remains our number one priority. We keep our prices low so that retailers can sell the eyeglass frames at a price that best fits their business and audience, all while maintaining a nicely stocked display room. We often have additional deals and discounts for purchasing a certain number of frames at once.


To discover our prices and current promotions, contact customer service or speak with your local sales representative.



We understand that your customers' satisfaction is the ultimate goal. If one of your customers finds an issue with any of our products following a purchase from your store, we promise to match your business's warranty to make it right. 

We don't often discontinue models, so we will likely still have the original product that was purchased by the customer, even after an extended period of time has passed.



We don't display our prices for RX frames online, so there are no competing prices for our products within the online market. This way, your customers won't find differing prices online for your in-store products. You can set the prices that will best benefit your business without losing trust from your customers.



With a return rate of just 7-8% (industry average is approximately 30%) we're proud knowing that our partners have been successful in selling a majority of our products to their customers. We design our frames with the customer in mind, offering a vast number of shapes, styles, and colors to align with any audience. 

While we like to think our frames can sell themselves, we also offer a range of marketing materials to help you sell. This includes hanging banners, counter cards, logo blocks and more. If you plan an event surrounding our brands, we offer additional support from our marketing department for graphic-making if requested.



We take pride in the quality of our premium eyewear. Using surgical-grade stainless steel as well as cellulose acetate, a biodegradable and durable bioplastic, the handcrafted frames from Erkers1879 and NW77th are eco friendly and made to last. 

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Monoqool, our distributor brand, uses an innovative production method to craft their 3D printed frames. The eyewear from Monoqool is made using 85% recycled surgical steel in combination with the polyamide powder used for 3D printing.

Visit the Monoqool page for a behind-the-scenes look into their 3D printed frames.



As the oldest optical company in the United States still owned by its founding family, we've had over a century to determine the best ways to craft our eyewear and how to build lasting relationships with retailers world wide. We aim to uphold the legacy of our ancestors through the craft of beautiful eyewear, and we are always looking for new ways to innovate our products and our business. 

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