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Expert design & craftmanship since 1879.

Man designing eyeglasses for NW77th


With the release of new products every Spring and Fall, each year we conduct thorough research into the latest and upcoming trends of the optical, retail, and fashion industries to help inspire our designs. Our family has been doing this since the late 1800's, finding new ways to innovate our craft along the way.


Following the initial design of our frames, we use 3D printers to ensure our standards of excellence are met, making adjustments as necessary before going into production. Each acetate-color-blend is custom designed in-house and exclusive to our brands.


We use the highest-possible quality materials that would best benefit the design and the wearer. Our frames are primarily crafted using cellulose acetate, a biodegradable bioplastic with high durability and flexibility, and surgical-grade stainless steel, which is typically considered hypoallergenic. Though cellulose acetate does produce some waste in the manufacturing process, it is much more sustainable than its standard alternatives and has no adverse impact when returned to our environement.

All metal frames are made entirely of surgical-grade stainless steel, posing little risk of allergic reaction. Any metal parts of our frames that come in contact with skin are crafted using this material, including the screws in our hinges, which feature an anti-slip coating for a strong, long-lasting hold. We use silicone on the nose pads for ultimate comfort.

Our cellulose acetate frames feature a wire core, typically made of nickel-silver, reinforcing the acetate frame to reduce risk of breakage. Nickel-silver is more flexible than surgical stainless steel, allowing more flexibility for the acetate frame and a more custom fit for your customers

Jack Erker III hand polishing cellulose acetate glasses frame


The handcrafted acetate frames from Erkers1879 and NW77th go through a 48-step manufacturing process with unparalleled attention to detail. We've partnered with factories in Korea and Japan, who are known for their meticulous quality control.

Following the initial cut of the acetate sheets, the fronts of the frames are tumbled in a mixture of wood and natural oils, then hand-polished for a silky-smooth finish. The frames are then assembled with high-quality hinges, rivets, and screws, using a soldering technique for the metal frames.


Discover the process behind crafting our NW77th frames. 

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